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Virtual Learning

Checotah Virtual Academy

Parent/Guardians who absolutely do not wish their students to be in the regular classroom have the option to enroll their student into an online learning setting. We utilize a self-paced curriculum called Edgenuity.


Parents/Guardians need to contact the school to complete paperwork prior to the beginning of each semester. Students must remain virtual the entire semester. 

  • Parent/guardian must attend a meeting with school personnel before The 1st day of the semester(August 12/January 4).  Student will not be enrolled in the program without a completed application and a school meeting. 
  • Anyone wishing to move out of the Virtual Academy program may do so by contacting the Middle School prior to December 14th.
  • To set up a meeting: Middle School students: (918) 473-2239 or email Mrs. Brimacomb at


Student Rules and Expectations

The Checotah Virtual Academy is designed to help students who are seeking a non-traditional school environment.  Students will work independently off campus using the Edgenuity online program.

Students, along with parents/guardians, who wish to enroll must agree to the terms, conditions, policies, and procedures that are set in place to be successful in this program.

  1. Work a MINIMUM of 25 hours every week (5 hours per school day)  on enrolled courses for attendance purposes and must be in attendance 90% of the time or no more than one absence every 10 days of class. 

  1. Understand attendance will be checked every Friday. 

  1. Understand that 25 hours per week is the minimum online time to be counted present but may not be enough to complete enrolled courses in 1 semester.   A student must stay “on track” in all assigned courses and maintain 70% average in classes. 

  1. Understand courses are assigned by semester (Aug. - Dec. and Jan. - May)

  1.  Understand that each enrolled course will take 50-60 hours to complete equalling a ½ credit.  (A year long course will take 100 - 120 hours for a full credit).

  1.  Understand after 7 consecutive days of no activity or access will result in no credit for each course.

  1.  Understand after 10 consecutive days of no activity or access, student will be dropped from the program and will not be allowed to re-enroll as a virtual student.

  1.  Understand my responsibility of checking grades and attendance weekly.

  1. Must check-in with Mrs. Brimacomb by email at least once every 2 weeks. 

  1. Must participate in AR (15 points per 9 weeks), WIN (at least once a week through Google Classroom), and ICAP.

  1. Must meet expectations of attending meetings and state testing sessions on campus when necessary.

  2. Must check school email 2 to 3 times per school day and respond if necessary.

Parent/Guardian Expectations

  1.  I have read and understand the student rules and expectations stated on the previous page.

  1.  I will encourage my student to follow the rules and expectations and encourage them to succeed.

  1.  I will stay in contact with Mrs. Brimacomb about my students grades and attendance.

  1.  I will attend meetings on campus when necessary to discuss the progress of my student.

  1.  I will keep the school informed of my primary contact information and update changes as they occur.

  2. I will respond when contacted by the school about my student’s progress.