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Checotah Public Schools
310 SW 2nd Street
Checotah, Oklahoma 74426
Phone: 918-473-5610
Fax: 918-473-1020

 Phones are down in all buildings. We are working to resolve the problem.

If you need assistance please stop by the Superintendent’s Office.

Enrollment information, including supply lists, and the enrollment form can be found here.


Fast Lanes Bowl, Inc. is once again offering the Kids Bowl Free program. Registered  children receive certificates to bowl 2 FREE games a day all summer.  Over 1,100  bowling centers are partnering with schools, churches and businesses to distribute  information now so that families can register online for the Kids Bowl Free program in their community.  Checotah Public Schools is partnering with Fast Lanes to distribute more information about the Kids Bowl Free Program and offer it through the Summer PE program.  Fast Lanes provides the Kids Bowl Free Program as a way to give back to the community by offering a fun family activity for kids and their families.  Families that register will receive coupons valid for two free bowling games each day sent to their email address every Sunday morning from the starting date until the conclusion of the program.  This year's dates begin on  April 1, 2016 and ends on October 31, 2016.  Register online at  For more information, you may contact Fast Lanes Bowl, Inc at (918) 473-3278 or email at